So this blog is all about how I’ve become one of those humans who takes photos of pets.


These photos serve no more purpose than I happened to have my camera whilst walking Binky, the Whippet, and I want to share some photos from our everyday life.


We decided to explore Byland Abbey and the beautiful surrounding countryside.  It was a tad chilly to start with so Binky still had her coat on.

Now get ready for the dog wiggle!!

And then it’s time for home and food.

After the walk and food, it’s time for some well earned rest.

The X-T2 is seriously fast!! Not being a sports or action photographer, this is one of the few times I’ve let the camera ‘off the lead’ (as it were) and utilised that high speed burst! The slightly soft images are down to user error, I still had the camera set up in single focus for my everyday photography.  Binky was simply too fast for me.  If I did this again I’d love to see how the camera performed with zone focus and even face detection on – but that’s for another day.

My conclusion: dogs are fun to photograph!  Especially when you have a camera like Fujifilm’s X-T2 which is simply phenomenal.  These were shot with the 85mm f/1.2 and for the most part they were shot virtually wide open!!