The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield is a brilliant place to visit in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Last weekend the Hepworth held it’s Christmas market; if you didn’t go it certainly is worth a trip out.

My plan was to do some night photography, to try and get the lights of the Hepworth reflecting on the water. I packed my Fuji X-T2, my 16mm 1.4, and a tripod and headed out around 7pm.

Unfortunately, as you can tell with the images, the Hepworth was all closed down and the lights were off. This meant that I wouldn’t get the exact photographs that I was looking for; but I stayed and wanted to see, at least compositionally, what there was to shoot.

A number of things standout for me: the blue hour will be brilliant for this composition, but this time of year that’s around 3.30-4pm and it’s a struggle to get there that early for me; the weather must be right, you want a mixture of cloud with enough wind to provide movement but not too much wind as to make the water ripple. All in all, to get the ‘perfect’ shot, the one I had in my head, would be quite a challenge. But I certainly want to go back and try again, earlier this time!

Whilst I was there I got to thinking; what a beautiful place to have a modern wedding. And so I googled it, Hepworth weddings. There are beautiful photographs available online to give a flavour of what a Hepworth wedding would look and feel like.

I found this blog form the brilliant Rachel Lucie Jewellery:

Now the shoot is very stage and purposefully so, but looking at the images there is a vast amount of photographic potential for a couple to exploit if they chose to have their wedding there. The beautiful shapes and lines of the building itself, the geometric walls, not to mention the art installations themselves.

And then I found this blog post from Matt Parry Photography:

hannah + phil // the hepworth gallery

I must admit, first and foremost, what amazing photographs he captured of the special day. Clearly, the Hepworth is a beautiful and artistic location to have your wedding reception.

I can only hope that I get to shoot a wedding there soon, and that more people in the Wakefield and West Yorkshire area look at the Hepworth more for weddings – it truly is a somewhat ‘hidden’ gem!!