I enjoy photographing weddings at Cedar Court, Wakefield. What most people don’t see is the open grass at the back of the hotel, perfect for guests enjoying a warm summers day.

This blog focuses mainly on the little moments that happen before, during, and after the big moments. The big moments – the ceremony, the first kiss, the cake, the 1st dance – are important, but I want to give my couple an experience of their whole wedding; what was going on around them. A wedding day is much more than a collection of photo opportunities, it is the people that inhabit that space on that day. I find the quiet moments just as inspiring as the big, get your camera ready it’s about to happen, moments.

So here are some photographs that whisper, presenting a fuller idea of what your wedding was like.

If you’re interesting in a Cedar Court, Wakefield, wedding then here’s the link to their website:




Also, this is the 1st post with only in-camera JPEG photographs – I’m continually astounded by the quality of the Fujifilm X-Series cameras, especially the JPEGs that they produce. I still shoot RAW, but as an experiment I thought I’d only use the back-up JPEGs; and I have to say, I’m impressed with the quality straight out of camera!

Check out the video below if you want to find out more about Fuji’s X-Pro 2, by far my favourite camera I’ve ever owned!!