Marcus and Katie’s wedding at St Michael’s Church and wedding reception at The 315 Restaurant, Lepton, was a seriously fun day!

In this image Marcus is handing out flower boxes as a thank you to everyone who helped make the day so special. Unfortunately, Marcus jumped the gun on this occasion. Katie hadn’t finished her speech and was in the middle of speaking when Marcus called the Maid of Honour up to receive the gift.

You can see the shock on Marcus’ face and the beautifully timed disappointment on Katie’s face. This was a beautifully unique moment that perfectly encapsulates the personality of Marcus and Katie. I hope that when they look back on this image in 10, 20, 30 years they won’t just see a beautiful photo, but will feel the emotion of this day and remember this moment when the groom (slightly) disappointed his wife for the first time! They’ll be able to retell this to their children and their grandchildren in the years ahead.

Thank you Marcus and Katie for trusting me with such an important moment in your lives; it was a privilege!