Wedding photography can be an exhilarating non-stop ride, where you strap yourself in at the start of the day and hold on tight as the day moves rapidly through arrivals, first kisses, speeches, cake cutting, and dancing. During the day I enjoy photographing in a candid, photojournalistic, documentary style. But sometimes I want to take my time and really explore and create images that are a little bit different. And photo shoots are a great way to explore your creativity.

In this I’ve used a general story of getting ready in the morning. But instead of it being the story of the scene, the mother of the bride, the family, and the general behind the scenes preparation, I’ve focused instead on portraits. And I wanted to light the portraits with off camera flash in such a way as would not normally be do-able at an actual wedding. That being said, not every image has off camera flash; quite a few of these images are only natural light, using a window for beautifully diffused natural light.

So these images are not to show what I do at an actual wedding, but instead they show the ideas that I had in my mind where I want to isolate the subject, mostly in black, where the clutter and distractions are removed, and all that is left is ‘the light in the eyes of others’.