On Thursday myself and three friends headed out to Spun Point, basically the most eastern point in Yorkshire. We arrived around 2pm and wanted to scout the area for sunset locations. The trouble is the distance you need to cover and the potential locations, if you go to one end of the island then you’ll have to stay around there for sunset. I really wanted to get to the lighthouse at the far end of the island. I thought that I might be able to frame the lighthouse in the surrounding coast line. However, it’s actually quite isolated where it is and it’s very difficult to get the lighthouse in context of its surroundings. But it made for an interesting long exposure itself, especially around 6pm when I had beautiful golden side light hitting it.

I shot the majority of the day on film but wanted to do the long exposures on digital (it’s just easier on digital). I had a specific idea of what I wanted, being obsessed with Hiroshi Sugimoto’s seascape work. There was no way I could do hour long exposures but those were the images that I had in my mind. I’ve linked below The Art of Photography’s excellent video on Sugimoto’s work. Please check out Sugimoto and the rest of The Art of Photography’s YouTube.

Of course, I also have the work of Michael Kenna in mind when attempting minimalist black and white long exposures. All these photos where taken around 7-8pm at sunset when the light was setting. I’ve tried to keep the images simple. And I am happy with a couple of the photos in this blog: especially given that I had an image in my mind and I set out to create that image (within the limitations that I had).


One problem of shooting sunset is high tide – and we did have to make a slight dash back over to the mainland before the tide engulfed the sand for the night.


I hope you enjoy the photos and Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work. Let me know what you think.