Last blog I uploaded some long exposures from Spurn Point. Today I’m going to share some long exposures from the Lake District, but this time I want to include the export data and talking through how I achieved the shots.

All these photos were shot on the Fujifilm XT-2. I didn’t use an external shutter release as the XT-2 can take exposures up to 15minutes. I did, however, use a 2sec self timer to avoid camera shake. Obviously all these photos were taken on a tripod.

Let me know what you think.

ISO 1600 1/60th f/4 56mm (85mm)

As a comparison this first image, although shot on a tripod after sunset during the blue hour, is not actually a long exposure. It’s actually a detail shot of part of a long exposure from the photo below. However, I thought it was interesting to show how you can get a photo that looks like a long exposure without actually having to do one. (Plus I just like this image).

ISO 200 10sec f/16 16mm (24mm)

This is the north of Coniston Water (Monk Coniston) at sunset.

ISO 200 40sec f/16 16mm (24mm) with a 10stop ND fIlter

This is sunset at Ullswater.

ISO 200 13sec f/16 16mm (24mm)

This is sunrise at Ullswater. I was trying to capture the snow on the mountain and its reflection on the water. To be honest, I arrived very early in this location and then decided to move on to try another location. I really regret this decision and I certainly won’t be changing locations trying to chase the sun again. I should have waited and captured another hour or two of sunrise here.

ISO 200 20sec f/16 16mm (24mm) shot with a 10stop ND Filter

This is actually mid-morning at Brothers Water. I’d shot sunrise at Ullswater and was making my way home when I saw the most beautifully clear reflection on the water – unfortunately by the time I’d managed to turn around, park, and walk to the water the wind had increased. But I’m still happy with the mood of the photo.

A 10stop ND Filter obviously lets you capture long exposures during the day, something which is really useful if you are technically supposed to be relaxing!!

ISO 200 240sec f/16 16mm (24mm) with a 10stop ND Filter.

This is Parkamoor pier on the eastern shore of Coniston Water towards the southern end. This is shot at sunset with the longest shutter speed of this blog.

ISO 200 60sec f/16 16mm (24mm) shot with a 10stop ND Filter.

This is Blea Tarn shot at mid morning. Classically it’s good to have foreground interest but here I love the detail in the stones under the water and I think it really does add to the photo.

Blea Tarn again, shot in the same way.

ISO 400 40sec f/16 16mm (24mm) shot with a 10stop ND Filter.

This is Kelly Hall Tarn on Torver Common at sunset.