Trying to make the most of a little bit of sun and the new colour in the fields, I headed out to South Yorkshire. Driving around for two hours, the journey was more enjoyable than getting out and trying to photograph, but eventually we decided to pull over just outside Woolley. Although none of these photos are portfolio pieces, I did very much enjoy walking through the fields and playing with depth of field: this is where an f1.2 lens can become very useful.

I did get the Hasselblad out and attempt a long exposure which will be very interesting to see the result of! Once I’ve finished my first roll of medium format I’ll be sure to let you see them!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these quick photos from today edited in a heavy filmic way with lots of grain. I originally edited all the images in black and white but I’ve included some colour images just so you can see what the scene was actually like.

I’d love to know which images you prefer or even which edit you prefer.