Yorkshire Wedding Photographer at Priory cottages 

Vicki & Sam’s wedding was one of my favourites ever!. After dinner they wanted photos in the fields with the hay bales at Priory Cottages. We set off with just Sam & Vicki before being joined eventually by the rest of the bridal group.


To get to the hay bales we had to manoeuvre knee high razor sharp stalks which we didn’t know were going to be problematic until I almost impaled myself on one! After that we took a lot more care! And Vicki was definitely pleased to get through unscathed!


After a moment of Vicki & Sam together we noticed the bridal group making their way through the sea of stalks, some hitching up their dresses to make sure they didn’t snag, some still holding their glass of red wine. Once together they then attempted to mount the hay bale and orchestrate where everyone should stand. The best man, Adam, uses this moment to stand up and conduct proceedings.


All of this, completely impromptu, in a North Yorkshire field as the sun went down behind them. What we got in the end was a fantastic photo of a group of friends during sunset that represents Vicki & Sam’s wedding perfectly.


Just look through all 30 photos and see the story unfold for yourself. You’ll see why story matters!


How amazing is seeing a story unfold in front of your eyes!! 

Each story is unique and each wedding has multiple little stories!!

And each story is a memory!

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