Today I saw this Tweet from @fujifilm_uk and I thought I’d do something about it.

This blog post is about the photos that I chose to submit for review (you can see the full contact sheet at the bottom). I have a lot of photographs of places around where I live, some are even some of my favourite photographs that I’ve taken. However, I purposefully left out all landscapes. Here’s why:


When I think of Home I think of Yorkshire, of England, of specific places that shaped me as an individual. But I’m not attached to this land, I believe I could feel at home in some other place, some far away place where Yorkshire is just a distant dream. When I think a little bit more about Home my mind drifts away from a place towards the people who helped build a home for me.

And I suppose I feel at home here in Yorkshire because they are here. When I think of Home I think of Christmas days spent at my Grandparents, of summer holidays spent with them in the Lake District, of mid-week meals after school at their house.

So when I think of Home, I think of them.

These photos mean a lot to me, they were some of the very first photographs that I ever took . These were taken within the first year that I picked up a camera and tried to craft a sense of meaning out of the chaotic world. And, I suppose, with time they will take on an even greater meaning. But for today I’d like to share them with you and a little bit about why they are Home for me.

I would very much love to hear about what Home means to you, please get in touch or leave a comment below. As always, thank you for reading.

You can find out more about the project here: Magnum Photographers.


And below is a song by Noah Gundersen that I think talks about the ideas of home and how it can change. I hope you enjoy listening to the song and maybe are inspired to go and photograph what you think of when you think of home.