Joe Buissink is a wedding photographer to the stars in America. His images are renowned for being full of emotion and having a film look, mostly because Joe shot some of his most iconic images on film. I love his fine art black and white photos, mostly these are candid. Even the photo that I’ve chosen to show is to an extent unposed, according to an interview.

Truthfully, Joe’s style is one that inspired me when I was starting out and I’m always trying to adapt and move my wedding photography forward. So every wedding I’m always trying to do something new at least once during the day.

When Chloe and Craig got married at The Pheasant Hotel in Harome, there was a beautiful stone table in the garden and I couldn’t get Joe’s photo out of my mind. I knew that I had to at least try something.

I knew it would be black and white and I knew it would have to be something powerful, with one person sitting and the other standing.

This is what I got:

And here’s the alternative take:

I prefer the second photo due to the contrast between serious posing with relaxed facial expressions.

I’m not entirely happy with the shots, I’d have preferred Chloe to be standing and Craig to be sitting. But as an experiment I’m pleased that I had an idea in my mind and I went out and tried to capture it.

Don’t be afraid to try something new – always look to evolve your style and develop as an artist.

If you want to hear and see more of Joe Buissink, there’s a video linked below.