A Yorkshire photographer’s guide to shooting KODAK PORTRA 400 film at weddings 

wedding photography on film at Wyresdale Park 




Portra 400


 With the death of Fuji Pro 400h I’m shooting much more Portra 400. The choice has, unfortunately, been taken out of my hands! But Portra 400 is by no means a poor man’s choice. As I mentioned in my previous How To Shoot Film At Weddings, Portra 400 can be rated pretty much any way you like depending on how much contrast you want. I knew that this shoot was going to be primarily inside, I also didn’t know how much light would be available. I knew I was only going to use natural available light, so no speed lights or off-camera flash. This meant that how I rated my film would be vital. I did think about Portra 800 as a film choice, but frankly the price is just hard to justify; especially when I can push Portra 400 by +1 stop to 800. This would result in some colour shifts in development and a generally more contrasty negative, but it would easily give me the speed I needed. 

 Luckily, there was plenty of natural light at Wyresdale. I actually rated my film at asa (iso) 320. All that actually means is, I told my light meter that I had 320 asa and I shot absolutely normally from then on. I also developed the film normally as well. No change whatsoever. All I did was give my film a little more light. I do this with asa generally to be on the safe side of exposure; negative film generally enjoys more light. With these shot I simply took a reading for the ambient light in the room – because it was nice, even light everywhere.

The cameras: the Contax 645 with the 80mm f2 Zeiss lens; Hasselblad 500c/m with the 80mm f2.8 Zeiss lens. Both lenses were shot wide open with the shutter speed around 1/60th – 1/125th. Especially with the Hasselblad, I wanted to keep my shutter speed as high as possible due to the mirror slap. But I also had to take into account the slightly slower f2.8 lens.


I ask my lab to scan for skin tones and to have a lighter scan this time.



COVID has really affected weddings during 2020 and the first half of 2021. But the Untold Workshop was a much needed and welcome opportunity to shoot some couples!!! Here are the amazing team behind this shoot:

Workshop: Untold

Styling: Stories of Events

Florals: Emma Cox Brocante

Venue: Wyresdale Park

Dresses: Made With Love Bridal

HMUA: Daniella 

Stationary: Wonderful Invites

Cake: Sugar Fancies Bakery

Accessories: Honey and Ember

Confetti: Adam Apple

Ribbons: C Fleurs Design

Couple: Tara Kirsty Sumner



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