All the photographs included in this blog were taken around the Lake District between March 24-29 2018 on the Fujifilm X-Series cameras. The images range from Coniston Water, Ullswater, the Langdales, Blea Tarn, Kelly Hall Tarn, and Tarn Hows.

The end of March is a strange time in the Lake District, you’re never sure if the weather will be spring like or similar to the depths of winter. Over the course of the six days I experienced everything from glorious sun filled days at the beginning to snow falling in the middle of the afternoon. The temperature started in double figures and then plummeted during the day to single figures and then at night continued to fall into negative numbers. There is always a constant reminder, no matter how beautiful it is, the Lake District can be a hard and at times a brutal place.

I don’t think the Lakes were quite ‘in season’ yet – I’d arrived in-between the seasons; it being neither spring nor winter. As such, the images reflect what was at times a very wet and cold landscape. There was very little colour in the land. Therefore, black and white seemed a perfect choice.

Over the course of six days I shot over 800 photos (perhaps rather excessive). These consisted of 2 sessions each day at sunrise (or sometimes as close to it as I could make myself get up) and sunset. So what you see in this collection is a very small percentage of my over-all project, but a collection that I hope works together to give a general feeling of the Lake District at the end of March this year.

I would love to know what you think, even which image you think works best. And, as always, thank you for reading and taking the time to look at my images.