A Yorkshire photographer’s Manchester city centre diy wedding 

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On Saturday we dodged rain clouds and downpours in Manchester for the lovely Roisin and Tom’s wedding. 


We started the day at The Alan in Manchester City Centre, getting some beautiful BnW candid photos of Roisin doing her own makeup and then getting into the family wedding dress which her Mum had made.


It was then on to Didsbury Parsonage for the ceremony – a special place in Roisin and Tom’s relationship. And quite a hidden gem, if I do say so myself!

This image here is special for me becuase on the surface it looks like a standard staged wedding shot, but it’s actually 100% candid. Roisin didn’t even know I was there, she was in her own little world waiting for Tom to come and see her so they could walk down the aisle together. It resonates with me because of the ‘splendid isolation’ quality, Roisin in her own world, and I imagine what she was thinking in these moments. Also the beautiful window in the parsonage helps haha

I love that they walked down the aisle together! It gives the ceremony a beautiful elliptical quality where they walk in together and back out together, but something intangible has changed in the process. It’s more personal and intimate, more a reflection on them both.


Both Roisin and Tom wanted 95% of their photography to be completely candid, so after the ceremony we went for a walk together in the gardens and I quietly went about photographing them together.

The 5% that wasn’t candid was due to Roisin wanting a portrait. And, you know me, I’m never one to turn down any portrait opportunities. There was beautiful light just out from a canopy of trees, I simply had Roisin stand there, and with no more communication we took a few frames. These (and the ones above) were shot on the manual focus vintage Nikon 55mm f/2.8 lens, made from 1979 onwards. This lens always astounds me with the quality of the image. There really is a magic to the old manual focus glass.

After the portraits it was off back up towards Manchester centre at Birch Community Centre. The confetti entrance will live long in the memory, I’ve never seen so much confetti, I’m still finding some of it at home in my gear now!!

Speeches followed food, where once again Roisin and Tom did everything together. After which, it was on to a quick first dance and a packed dance floor!

What a day! Thanks so much to Roisin and Tom for inviting me into their special day. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos of this little sneak peak.

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