Mel DiGiacomo is not what you would call a typical Wedding Photographer; I doubt he’d even refer to himself in those terms at all; in fact, I’m sure he wouldn’t. However, he does have a very interesting take on what it means to be a photographer at a wedding. By emphasising storytelling he gets close to his subjects and gives them a depth, both emotionally and physically. I love how unconventional his photos are and how each photo feels like you could be in that room standing right next to the people. That connection with the people in the photo and the viewer is very important. Here’s a short video of Mel describing what he does followed by a few of my photos where I’m trying to connect the viewer with the people in the image, as Mel suggests.

“I walk around and I find moments.”

“I just want to be a witness.”

You can find out more about my style HERE. And see more of Mel’s work HERE.