Notre-Dame: Our Lady of Paris

Now that the wedding season has slowed down it’s time to enjoy some traveling. Although holidays during the summer months are few and far between in wedding photography, here at Christopher Thomas Photography we don’t mind; the in between seasons are so much better for photography, not to mention quieter as well!

Here are three images of the famous Cathedral Notre-Dame in Paris.  Each image shows off the Cathedral in a different way, as well as showing potentially different shooting styles: the first is a long exposure looking down the Seine; the second is the ‘touristy’ architectural straight on shot; and the third, my favourite by far, is an abstract rendering of the iconic Cathedral. Each image tells a story in its own way, and together they tell a story as well: you have a wide, medium, and close up shot; the fundamentals to most visual storytelling.

I’d love to know which one you prefer and why.

husband and wife kiss


guests dancing at wedding

The Team

young man with tattoos


Wedding guests picking up the groom