On Saturday I’m taking the train to Paris. I’m taking some History and Art students on a 5 day trip to teach them about the French Revolution and Art History. Two years ago we also took some English Literature students, something I wish we could do this time as well, to help them understand the context that specific writers were living in whilst writing; Hemingway’s ‘A Moveable Feast’ being a guide book of sorts. As he concluded his book he wrote: ‘There is never any ending to Paris’. And so, two years later we are to return during snow storms and flooding.

Like with most of my trips I’m hopeful of creating a photo book of the experience; and, of course, I can’t wait to write about the trip on here when I get back. But until then I want to share some videos that have really inspired me recently as I prepare to return once more to that old city.

I love Brassai and The Art of Photography Youtube channel, so what better way than to have a video of Ted Forbes leading us through ‘Paris by Night’ by Brassai! I just love this book!! The photographs of Paris in the 1930s have a magical quality, almost a voyeuristic quality to the scenes. It is as if we are peering into a forgotten world, a place long lost to time. And in many ways we are. For me, photography like this doesn’t exist anymore. We can try and capture that style, or use similar film equipment. But there was something innocent in those days about photography, perhaps even undiscovered. I find Brassai’s photographs very inspirational, creatively and visually. I hope you do too!

If your style is more modern, these next two videos are for you!

Serge Ramellie has some very interesting tutorials and I have learnt a lot from watching his channel. That’s not to say his style is always one that interests me, but it certainly is fascinating to see him explain his shooting process and his editing style; even if you do not want to re-create it.

Let me know what you think! The dark and grainy of the 1930s film cameras vs the ultra modern 42 MP cameras of 2018. What would you want to shoot?