Yorkshire Wedding Photographer in the peak district 

Fiona + Adam are no strangers to adventures with me! Their engagement shoot saw them scrambling around Surprise View on a blustery Summer day – we channeled Wuthering Heights on that occasion, and we would be doing the same on their wedding day, only this time we’d really be exposed to the elements! 


The wedding ceremony took place in Bolsterstone, Sheffield, with the wedding reception being a short drive away at Losehill House, Hope Valley, in The Peak District proper. I knew that the drive would take us past The Strines Inn and along Mortimer Road, a perfect location for an epic wedding shot!!  However, I also knew that we’d be exposed to whatever the weather was like on the day, and it just so happened to be driving rain and howling wind!  


So, the wedding car set off in front with the instruction to stop only if Fiona and Adam fancied it, given the weather we were likely to encounter, and if there was actually a safe place to stop. To my relief, the rain had stopped, but I wasn’t hopeful for the same being said about the wind. When I saw the left indicator of the wedding car on the very top of Mortimer Road I was shocked but really excited! 


The wind had not stopped!! Stood outside the wedding car, with the window down talking to Fiona and Adam, it was clear by my hair and my braced position that this was not going to be easy if they decided to get out of the car. It was up to them, I wasn’t going to force this decision on them. If they got out of the car it was likely that we’d get some epic wedding shots, but also as likely that they’d get battered by the wind and probably soaked by the rain if it returned (it did, in case the suspense is killing you!).


Much to my delight, Fiona was all for it! Bring it on! We started by the car before getting a bit more adventurous. Heading up the road we spied a gate with a perfect backdrop. This is where things really started to get interesting! Firstly, Fiona’s veil engulfed her. Secondly, Fiona’s veil decided to make a run for it! And thirdly, the rain returned!!


On this third incident we all decided to run back to the car as quickly as we could! And even though it was tipping it down with rain designed with the singular intent of soaking you to the bone, I couldn’t resist raising my camera and firing off a few frames into the rain as we ran.

All of this led to a selection of epic wedding photographs, but also an incredible wedding memory for Fiona and Adam! Definitely one to regale your guests with at the reception!! Oh, and speaking of guests: as some of them actually drove past us as we did this they were already eager to know what madness had overcome us.

Just look at photos and see the story unfold for yourself. You’ll see why story matters!

How amazing is seeing a story unfold in front of your eyes!! 

Each story is unique and each wedding has multiple little stories!!

And each story is a memory!

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Guests enjoy a wedding under a darkening moody sky at Priory Cottages and Barn


Newlywed couple embraced in first dance, wife turns and looks at camera.

The Team

Young man stares off into the distance with his arm around his shoulder revealing tattoos.


Wedding guests enjoy the evening dancing whilst light streaks across the image