How to plan YOUR wedding during Coronavirus



Vendors in the wedding industry will be coming to terms with the entire summer season moving to next year. This means that 2021 will be filled with couples already planning at 2021 wedding but also re-arranging couples from 2020. Therefore, vendors are likely to be tremendously busy and in demand around the key summer wedding dates. Having a venue and a date will be top of your priority as photographers and other vendors pivot around the available re-arranged dates of the venues. 2021 is set to be busy, but it also means 2020 has so much more time for vendors. Talk to vendors you’re interested in, believe me they will be happy to talk and take the time to plan your wedding. We’re all just looking for a little normality right now, and any opportunity to talk love stories and wedding ideas would be a welcome break from Netflix. So use this time to nail down who you want.


All the big things might be up in the air right now, travel plans, guest lists, locations, but you can always focus on the details. Now is a perfect time to think of  small details that really set weddings apart. For example, beautiful calligraphy wedding invitations.

Or a beautiful overflowing bouquet:

Quality Time Together

Leading on from the previous point, maybe this is the perfect time to prioritise your relationship. Spend time together, talk to each other about the future, share hopes and fears, or simply just be with each other. And if that physically isn’t possible, use technology to bridge the gap.



If you do want to carry on planning then Mood Boards are a great way to start. As a photographer I love making Mood Boards with my couples. It helps me to see what they are seeing in their mind and how I can deliver or help craft that vision. Here’s what one could look like:

Change Your Season

Perhaps you were thinking of a summer 2021 wedding but now can’t get the date you were hoping for due to postponements. Now might be the time to consider a different season. Summer weddings might be the first choice but are not always the best choice. There is no guarantee of beautiful weather – quite often it’s simply too hot or too wet, at least here in the UK. Now might be a perfect time to plan that Autumnal wedding full of copper, orange, and peach. Or a Winter wedding with blue and navy. A wedding outside of Summer might just open up your creativity and be the best decision you’ve made. Plus, the light tends to be amazing during this time of year – making a photographer like myself very excited! 



It’s worth thinking about your guests for a moment. Do you have people traveling from far? How likely is it that they will be able to travel or would want to travel? Perhaps postponing your date into Autumn 2021 or beyond is more logistically feasible. Actually being able to travel and hold a wedding is one thing, but being able to enjoy your wedding as you planned is another. Travel is likely to reopen eventually, but as we stand it’s also likely that international travel will be subject to a two week quarantine period. This should be taken into account.

Talk to your Vendors

If you already have your vendors book, now might be a good time to call them. Get to know them a little better. Share more details about your wedding. Ask for their advice. We are all in a unique position with the virus, but vendors will have a wealth of knowledge about the industry meaning you don’t have to go it alone. Reach out and chat. After all, we are all in this together.