Rangefinder Magazine has just published their Top 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography for this year. Looking through the inductees there are some incredible photographers. It’s hard to not feel inspired. You can see the list for yourself HERE.

There’s one photographer that I’d like to mention because I believe they help challenge what it means to be a ‘wedding’ photographer: Just.Schmidt blend photojournalism and art in a way I find highly impressive.

I love the minimalistic quality in their images; it inspires me because they push the boundaries of what’s expected. And I like most things that push boundaries and goes against a current.

A problem in art: you tend to only compare yourself to the artists who are better than you; more than that, you compare yourself to the best artists you’ve found. This process can be disparaging because it’s an unfair comparison. However, there is something to be said from self assessment and self determination to get better in very specific ways. Thankfully, with Just.Schmidt I have found a motivating drive to push my ideas further, to be more experimental, and above all else, forget what most people are doing!

I hope you enjoy looking at these amazing photographers, it’s well worth a look on Rangefinder, as well as, following the links to the individual photographer’s website.

Let me know which one’s your favourite.



husband and wife kiss


guests dancing at wedding

The Team

young man with tattoos


Wedding guests picking up the groom