Yorkshire Wedding Photographer at Sandburn Hall 

Emily + Tim’s Yorkshire wedding at Sandburn Hall was an amazing day full of laughter and love! We started the day at Emily’s parent’s house surrounded by her family and Bridesmaids. The morning saw tears watching Tim’s special wedding video before moving upstairs to put the dress on with Emily’s sister, Katherine.


A special moment between sisters unfold before your eyes. These images capture the tender moments shared; be that the delicate way the dress is buttoned up and the laughter shared, leading to a more solemn moment when the dress is finally buttoned up where the weight of the moment is clearly visible on both sister’s faces.


That emotion swells when Emily turns to the mirror to face Katherine once her necklace and earrings have been lovingly put on. Emily and Katherine share a moment of eye contact; and you can almost see the realisation happening on their faces: you’re getting married!


As Katherine places the veil on, Emily’s eyes begin to tear up. Watching herself in the mirror she sees herself as a bride. We leave the room. Emily is alone and shares one last look in the mirror unaware that a photograph has captured her through the door. The photograph doesn’t disturb her moment of solitary reflection, it doesn’t tell us what thoughts were running through her mind, but it does preserve and document a beautiful moment of a bride alone by herself for possibly the first and last time on her wedding day.

Now it’s time to show Dad what you look like. We all wait patiently at the bottom of the stairs, you can see a Bridesmaid and Mum sneaking a peak through the kitchen door. But other than that, this is a moment between Father and Daughter. The smile on Dad’s face and the tears in Emily’s eyes tell you all you need to know. A truly magical moment.

Sometimes it’s the photographs that quietly whisper that leave a lasting mark. 


Just look through all 30 photos and see the story unfold for yourself. You’ll see why story matters! What an amazing Sandburn Hall Yorkshire Wedding!

I’ve had so many wonderful comments about the photos you put on yesterday. I’ve read what you’ve put several times now and filled up each time. You nailed it!!!xx



How amazing is seeing a story unfold in front of your eyes!! 

Each story is unique and each wedding has multiple little stories!!

And each story is a memory!

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Guests enjoy a wedding under a darkening moody sky at Priory Cottages and Barn


Newlywed couple embraced in first dance, wife turns and looks at camera.

The Team

Young man stares off into the distance with his arm around his shoulder revealing tattoos.


Wedding guests enjoy the evening dancing whilst light streaks across the image