Yorkshire Wedding Photographer at The Holford estate in chesire

 Editorial Wedding Shoot

2020 has kicked the wedding industry in the ass – we’re not alone in this situation thanks to the horrific impact of COVID-19 on lives and livelihoods. With weddings being cancelled or postponed what would have been a busy summer season has turned into a desperate rush to pivot and find some way to be creative and profitable. One way is to gather together an extra-ordinary group of talented creatives in a beautiful venue and let magic unfold. Weddings might be on hold from the meantime, but editorial shoots can still highlight the crazy levels of talent that exists within the wedding industry. I cannot even begin to say how excited I was to be invited to this shoot, even if it required a trip to the ‘old enemy’ (a little War of the Roses joke). The creatives on view are truly top of their game and the very best the industry has to offer. And if you just can’t wait to see who the creatives were, let’s shout them out from the start:

Creative Genius/Photos/Videography: Stella Fotos

The Venue: The Mill at The Holford Estate in Chesire 

The Dresses: Rock The Frock Bridal Chesire

The Suit: Whitfieldandward

Stylist: Stories of Events

The Lights: Luminate Events

Make Up: Makeupbyandreabaines

Hair: HairbyNatalieuk

Models: Georgie & Chris 

Stationary & Jacket: Rockpapernib

The Flowers: Frog Mcr 

The Cake: Bales Bakery

Photography: Christopher Thomas – that’s me 🙂 


The Geeky Stuff:

I shot the entire day on Fuji Pro 400h colour negative film and Kodak Tri-X BnW film with the Contax 645 Medium Format film camera. In tandem with that best in class camera I paired it with a Nikon d800 with an old school manual focus 55mm makro lens – the Contax 645 usually blows anything out of the water but I have to say the old school film Nikon glass paired with the Full Frame 36mp sensor of the d800 (itself a pretty retro camera by now) produced stunning images! I edited the digital images with Mastin Labs Fuji Pro 400h and Tri-X film emulation presets to keep the images within the same ballpark area – I did let the digital images have a little more contrast which mostly comes out in a little more saturation with the colour images. I could have toned down the contrast and saturation on the digital files to match the film exactly (or bumped the contrast of the film) but I’m happy to have a set of images which compliment each other instead of cloning each other.

The location:

The Mill at The Holford Estate is quietly tucked away on the approach to the main house. It provides the perfect location for a cosy gathering of your nearest and dearest being completely self contained on site. The Mill has a stunning living space for you and your guests to stay before, during, and after the wedding – meaning there’s no need for hotels, taxis, or the stress of getting from one place to another. You can literally enjoy a weekend away secluded from the world!! 


We set the ceremony up in the forecourt with a rustic feel. Unfortunately we had to have empty chairs due to COVID-19 social distancing rules but even then you still get the feeling of how personal this ceremony would be. And did I mention that dress!!! Rock the Frock Bridal really spoilt us with this one!! The touch of lavender is just the cherry on top!! After the ceremony walk we gave Chris some attention in his elegant three-piece whilst Georgie changed into another stunning number for our first portraits. 


If it rains then worry not, the wedding breakfast can be moved inside – below you can see it set up as it would be for an intimate meal with your nearest and dearest. And even if it did rain, just imagine the sound of the rain on the windows whilst the fire crackles from the next room!! We did move the table outside once we moved the ceremony chairs – and you’ll see those images further below. In the meantime, feast your eyes on those table decorations and those colours!!! 

After a quick photoshoot inside at the table we walked out into the stunning garden for a little snuggle! Can we just take a moment to gasp in appreciation for that headpiece and that bouquet!!! I mean, come on!!! Frog Mcr you have spoiled us with your magic touch once more!!!

We then headed out into the field tent in a more paired down relaxed outfit. Georgie has a custom hand painted jacket from Rock Paper Nib and I am certainly jealous of it! Can you imagine the tent as the sun is setting with the lights leading the way and the wooden fire burning in the field! 

If you are set for a beautiful day of weather then the ceremony space becomes the wedding breakfast area. A beautiful long table set under the twinkling lights sets a romantic scene for a much more intimate and personal meal. But, if you do a first dance to the backdrop of sparkling lights please don’t drop each other (well caught eventually, Chris)!

Let them eat cake, that’s what Marie Antoinette infamously said and I couldn’t agree more. ‘Eat’, however, is a term in need of interpretation.

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