Wedding Image – why I love it takes you through a particular image from a real wedding and explains why we love it so much!

Today’s image is a particular favourite from a wedding we shot earlier in the summer, when England was in the middle of a glorious heatwave.

The image was taken during the first dance at Sandburn Hall in North Yorkshire. Technically: it was shot with the Fuji 56mm f.1.2 on the Fuji X-Pro2 at ISO 3200 F/2 1/250th. As a photographer looking at this image objectively you would say I missed focus, the bride is soft (out of focus due to the shallow depth of field) and in fact it’s the flower on the groom’s lapel that’s tac sharp.

This is exactly why I love this photo: it constantly reminds me who I’m shooting for; we might want fellow photographer’s approval but ultimately we shoot for our couples. I believe this shot captures the essence of their day perfectly: the smile, the implied eye contact, the fingers intertwined. I can feel how truly happy she is. There are photos before and after this exact moment that are completely sharp with the focus where it should be, but none of those have the energy or the passion of this one. There are artistic things that I like as well: the bokeh is beautifully rendered on the Fuji 56mm (85mm equivalent); and you can see the groom’s watch perfectly which was his wedding present from the bride; and they look like they’re in a world all to themselves and for that very moment they were.

Most importantly, every time I see this photo I can feel it.

Husband and Wife laugh with each other during their first dance

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