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Unposed … Documentary … Storytelling


I shoot film

Newlyweds embrace in front of a pond with green lilies and trees at Cave Castle

I shoot when things get quiet

I shoot when things get crazy

Bridesmaids lean forward arms stretched out and smile whilst dancing

I shoot those big looks

Bride arm in arm with Bride's father reach end of aisle, groom and bride share a quick glance

I shoot how your wedding feels

Young couple kiss, surrounded by guests on packed dance floor whilst a tear runs down her cheek


I create lasting memories through bespoke fine art wedding photography around the UK. If I can contribute to even just one photo album in your house I’ll be immensely proud. To share that special moment with you and the ones closest to you is a huge privilege.  When I think of photos, I still think of book shelves full of photo albums, of real holdable photographs that can be brought out and shown off when people come round.  In a digital age I think there’s something even more special about taking the time to curate a memory in this way.


I’m there for you before the wedding, helping with any questions or worries you might have. I’m there for you when you’re getting ready on the morning. And I’ll still be there for you in the evening when all your guests are dancing like crazy to your favourite songs. All the while I’ll have my camera with me to document what unfolds in the process. I will not simply show you what your wedding looked like; I’ll show you how your wedding felt. And when you and your partner look back on this day in 10, 20, 50 years time, perhaps with your grandkids around you, you’ll still feel it then.

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