CREATive wedding photography

Last week saw the UK bathed in fantastic spring-like weather. With the unseasonal warmth we decided to head out in search of ¬†locations for wedding portraits. Originally we had hoped to shoot a gothic mist soaked Abbey ; and driving through the North York Moors we were agasp at how beautiful the early morning light was piercing through the low lying mist and fog. Our destination was Byland Abbey in between Coxwold and Ampleforth. Unfortunately, we were doubly disappointed: on our approach to the Abbey the mist suddenly lifted and we were confronted by sunlight streaming unabated onto the ruins. This in itself we problematic but we decided to proceed due to the beautiful morning light, mist or no mist. However, our second disappointment was rather more disastrous. We found the gate to Byland Abbey padlocked and the small National Trust sign informed us that the Abbey was closed during the week in winter months. I’m still confused about HOW a ruinous Abbey in the middle of nowhere can be CLOSED. But save for us jumping the gate, there seemed little we could do; especially as the mist had lifted and the Abbey was bathed in beautiful winter sun that could be found on any other beautiful winter morning. But instead of admitting defeat we instead decided on a tactical withdrawal.

Deciding to drive in the direction of the low lying mist, we headed towards Ampleforth before making our way towards Yearsley. Having walked the dog in Yearsley woods we knew how beautiful it would be. Pulling up at the side of the road on Yearsley Moore Bank we got out of the car and literally walked into the fog on the fields. Finding a little secluded patch of forest in the mist was easy; however, we decided to make use of the beautifully diffuse backlight through the trees, instead of the actual mist on the fields. And so, we get about creating portraits of a fairytale woodland wedding. This was one of those amazing artistic experiences where you have a complete idea of what you want in your mind and you go out and create it.



Guests enjoy a wedding under a darkening moody sky at Priory Cottages and Barn


Newlywed couple embraced in first dance, wife turns and looks at camera.

The Team

Young man stares off into the distance with his arm around his shoulder revealing tattoos.


Wedding guests enjoy the evening dancing whilst light streaks across the image