The Team:



Welcome Kindred Spirit,


We take pride in doing things differently, 
in striving for a new way to tell stories,
of never allowing anyone to limit what we can or cannot do. 

We hope you do too.

















The Heart:


Young man staring into distance with arm around shoulder revealing tattoos

I grew up with cameras everywhere, the walls of our house growing up were decorated with my Mother’s photographs (she took the one below!), and our family photo albums don’t fit in one room! Some people might say I was destined to do this! I say, I just love what I do!

If I can contribute to even just one photo album in your house I’ll be immensely proud to have been given the privilege of sharing that special moment with you and the ones closest to you.  When I think of photos, I still think of book shelves full of photo albums, of real holdable photographs that can be brought out and shown off when people come round.  In a digital age I think there’s something even more special about taking the time to curate a memory in this way.

So when I photograph, I do so as if I’m documenting and preserving your memories – not necessarily for this year or next, but with your children in mind, and your grandchildren. What I love about photography is the emotion it can bring back even after so many years – so when I photograph I imagine those people who might not even be born yet, those people that you will want to share every detail with eventually. And I imagine you two, the happy couple, in ten, twenty, thirty years time looking at these photographs and feeling excited, happy, and possibly even sad given that not everyone will still be with us – but I want us all to feel something through photography.

That’s why this is more than a job, this is an invitation from you to me: you are inviting me into your world for a brief moment and in return I want to give you memories that last a lifetime.

Young man wears his Ph.D graduating gown and hat staring into the distance

The Head:


Young woman holds out a hand to the camera whilst frowning sarcastically

Animal whisperer (job), gin enthusiast, altogether good egg.

Optimist, family orientated, and world traveler.

Hailing from North Yorkshire, she can mostly be found arguing about what constitutes the proper North – mainly with me!!



Camilla helps edit every image that I take at a wedding,

making sure that we are delivering the best quality with every image.

Together we’ve created Christopher Thomas Photography’s image style,

favouring a dream-like quality.

It’s the editing style that is at the heart of our brand – shoot how it feels –

we don’t want to give you snapshots of what your day looked like,

we want to make sure you feel it!

And above all else, she makes sure that I don’t take myself too seriously!!

Close up of a green blue eye looking slightly off to the right

The Home:


Whippet curled up on a rug with its nose tucked under its left leg

Binky keeps us all on our toes, she loves zoomies in the fields,

wrapping herself up in a snuggle ball,

and taking all of the covers most of all.

Lately, she can be found roaming North Yorkshire looking for treats,

Or having holidays in the Lake District

– although we still haven’t quite got her into loving the water yet!

No team would be complete without the fury friend, who, no matter what, reminds us constantly about what’s important in life.

Whippet lying on a sofa with its head up looking at the camera
Young couple stand on the bank of a reservoir looking out across water with Whippet in a coat behind them


husband and wife kiss


guests dancing at wedding

The Team

young man with tattoos


Wedding guests picking up the groom