a journey

In Conversation

You and I have a lot in common, we don’t settle for what’s good enough. We’re dreamers and believe in a world greater than the one in front of our eyes! Given the choice between something easy and something true, we’re going down that hard road every day! Because we’re searching for something more than what we’ve been given.

That’s why this is more than a job, this is an invitation from you to me: you are inviting me into your world for a brief moment and in return I want to give you memories that last more than a lifetime.


“There is no beauty without imperfection

and it is this vulnerability that I find so beautiful”

Nada Kander

Curating Memories

So when I photograph, I do so as if I’m documenting and preserving your memories – not necessarily for this year or next, but with your children in mind, and your grandchildren. What I love about photography is the emotion it can bring back even after so many years – so when I photograph I imagine those people who might not even be born yet, those people that you will want to share every detail with eventually. 

And I imagine you two, the happy couple, in ten, twenty, thirty years time looking at these photographs and feeling excited, happy, and possibly even sad given that not everyone will still be with us – but I want us all to feel something through photography.